Question I live in Slidell, LA located right outside of New Orleans. I did some research on the topi



I live in Slidell, LA located right outside of New Orleans. I did some research on the topic of recycling in the community and I was very surprised to find that my city had created an entire website devoted to cleaning and maintaining the city. “” is an organization created solely for the purpose of cleaning Slidell. The main page of the website lists businesses in the community that accept recycled materials, listing what materials they accept. “KSB's (KeepSlidellBeautiful) objectives focus on litter prevention, beautification, community improvement, and waste reduction through partnerships, education, and activities, to improve the quality of life for citizens in Slidell,” (KSB Programs, 2014). I think the best steps a business can make to help improve economic incentives for recycling is to actually implement a recycling program and take advantage of the resources already created for them. “Source reduction (waste management/recycling) often saves money, protects worker health, and requires less abatement and disposal technology. The law provides guidelines, training, and incentives for companies to reduce waste,” (Lawrence, A. T. & Weber, J.). Simply opening their doors to accept recycled goods, or promoting recycling in their work place would be the best steps taken to help promote economic incentives for recycling. Reference: “KSB Programs” Web. 06/11/2014 Lawrence, A. T. & Weber, J. (2011). Business and society: Stakeholders, ethics, public policy (13th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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