Research paper minimum of 2,000 words and please include references in APA format




Considering what you have learned via your Week 4 Key Assignment, you have a specific situation that has presented itself. It has been brought to your attention that a suspect that has just been arrested has indicated that he is in the process of undergoing surgery to change his gender. Because this is the first time that the staff has had to deal with this issue, they want to know what special precautions or procedures need to be implemented for handling and transporting this individual. Utilizing credible research and recent court cases, respond to the following questions:

Assignment Guidelines

Complete the following:

Identify how you would amend your new sexual harassment policy to address the following:

Add your responses to the final draft of your Key Assignment:

What are some of the significant problems that transgender suspects face in the criminal justice system?How have the courts responded to this issue? Research current case law on how courts have categorized and placed transgendered inmates in correctional settings.Identify and describe any special needs of transgendered inmates.Are there any misconceptions or prejudices against this population within the criminal justice system?

Provide specific information to support your position.

Be sure to use only academic or scholarly resources, and reference all of your sources using APA style.

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