RESIT INSTRUCTIONS – MHR304 People Management – Analysis using theories and models studied in… 1 answer below »

RESIT INSTRUCTIONS – MHR304 People Management

Structure of the Assignment 1. Cover page: The first page must contain the full name of the student, the logo of the school as well as the name of the course and the name of the professor. 2. The Table of Contents 3. Introduction: Background, Scope and Method of Investigation 4. Critical Discussion: Analysis using theories and models studied in class, and use of facts, figures, graphs and visual material 5. Conclusion 6. Bibliography: You should use the Harvard Referencing System. 7. Appendix

Requirements • The report should be a maximum of 1000 words. Extra words will be penalized. • Based on the Topic, the student should be able to research appropriate information to frame their work by developing clear objectives to which the assignment will answer • Students must consider the use of theories and models, the flow and progression of their critical analysis, overall clarity, structure and coherence of their answers. • Students will be graded on their capacity to prioritize, synthetize, discuss and evaluate the topic based on different perspectives • All statements made must be supported by facts, figures and references • All sources of information must be referenced using the Harvard Referencing System


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