Review the GM corporate strategy and answer the following questions:… 1 answer below »

Review the GM corporate strategy and answer the following questions:

(a) For what purposes did GM create Saturn? (b) How was Saturn able to perform as of 1993? (c) Should Saturn be spun off from General Motors and established as a separate car company or not? Why? (d) How urgent was the need for General Motors to become “Saturnized?”

3. Discuss the GM expansion decision by answering the following

questions: (a) What are the critical issues which must be taken into account in making decisions regarding the Saturn Module II expansion? (b) What decision criteria should the GM/Saturn management define in order to decide on the Module II expansion options outlined in the case? (c) How would you assign the weights reflecting the relative importance of these criteria? (d) Evaluate available options and calculate weighted scores. (e) Elaborate the results.

4. What are the lessons learned from this case?

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