Sociology latest Essay questions

  1. Was the individualistic ethic of Calvinism the only reason for economic growth in the West?
  2. Revolutionary changes result mainly from the state’s inability to perform essential legal functions and protect a territory’s integrity.
  3. Overpopulation in China led to the one-child-per-family policy. Discuss how demographical change can affect different spheres of life.
  4. Was the Black Death one of the reasons for feudalism to be disrupted in Europe in the 14th century?
  5. Population growth stimulates the economic prosperity of a state or increasing poverty?
  6. What is the causal path from climate change to changes in everyday life?
  7. How does social decline affect morality?
  8. Sociology of war. Analyze any conflict as a result of an individual’s or group of individuals’ decision-making.
  9. What effects do social movements and public opinion have on state politics?
  10. Does the process of globalization weaken national governments?
  11. How do increasing forces of technologies reorganize political institutions?
  12. Is counterrevolution an obligatory response to any revolution?
  13. Cultural appropriation is a manifestation of racism. Compare this issue to police brutality, for example. Are they equally inappropriate?
  14. Ethnical minorities establish their communities and, as a result, shape the dominant culture. Describe a process of integrating new norms/tastes/traditions from other cultures.
  15. From race to ethnicity. Trace how sociologists have started to use the notion of ethnicity instead of race in their researches.
  16. How does society (people and institutions) react to racially biased crimes? Discuss public and authorities’ reactions: new policies, social movements, etc.
  17. How does the modern anti-racism agenda affect the whole industry? As an example, you can use the Oscar ceremony.
  18. Is female racism anyhow different from male racism? Use the definition of intersectionality.
  19. What are the mechanisms of movements like Black Lives Matter getting so popular and concern every other person worldwide?
  20. How do interracial experiences influence the overall mindset and tolerance level of a person?
  21. The relation of the level of education and racial tolerance.
  22. Is benevolent racism acceptable, or should it be eliminated?

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