Students are required to produce a report in which they analyse the strategies used by a… 1 answer below »

Students are required to produce a report in which they analyse the strategies used by a

hospitality or tourism organisation to manage & maximise revenue generation, as well as

the distribution channels used to deliver the products to their customer base.

Students are required to select one (1) of the following organisations:

• Disney Parks, Experiences and Products (focusing purely on the parks, resorts &

attraction elements of the organisation)

• Qantas Airways Limited

• Royal Caribbean International

• Flight Centre Travel Group

Within the report, students should address the following:

• Provide a brief overview of the organisation’s current operations, product offering

and main competitors.

• Discuss the existing pricing strategies employed by the organisation, explaining how

these are used to create competitive advantage.

• Propose at least two (2) pricing strategies that the organisation could implement in

the future. Justify the ability of these strategies to maximize the organisation’s

revenue generating capabilities.

• Outline the current channels used by the organisation to distribute their products to


• Discuss at least two (2) emerging distribution trends and the impact that these

are/may have on the organisation’s product distribution strategies.


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