The Report (10 Marks)Your presentation to your client must be in the form of a business report….

The Report (10 Marks)Your presentation to your client must be in the form of a business report. You must ensure that you incorporate the needed data, calculations, explanations, and references seamlessly into this report. The basic requirements include:• title page• table of contents• introduction• well planned sections (data collection, data analysis)• conclusion and recommendations• bibliographyData Collection (20 Marks)• Discuss, explain, and justify your method of data collection, population and sample selectionand size.• Use a questionnaire, consisting of a minimum of 10 questions; to be included in the reportincluding a justification for each question showing the need and purpose of the question andplanned use of the resulting data.• Note that each question asked will be assessed based on the guidelines provided in Chapter 4of your prescribed textbook.• Ensure that some of your questions produce sufficient cardinal data for further calculations.• Use Google Forms or any other form of data collection software for your data collection.Ensure that you keep evidence upon the requests of your lecturer.• Make sure that you have enough responses to make your calculations meaningful.
Data Analysis and Presentation (70 Marks)• Present the results of the questionnaire using the most applicable tables, charts, graphs, anddiagrams to explain the data.• Use some of the ratio data collected (at least one) and calculate and explain the meaning ofthe following: o Meano Modeo Mediano Quartileso Rangeo Measurement of deviation• Compare your results throughout this report with other sources and research.

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