The research paper is about Mycoplasma pneumoniae. 6 page research paper.





  2. DISEASE(S): (use technically accurate name &if applicable common name) Specific regarding transmission mechanism (i.e. vehicle, vector, any relevant info)
  3. SIGNS & SYMPTOMS: (specifies if differences between male and female symptoms; any key age group affected)
  4. TRETEMENT: (specify drug used; any key factors in successful treatment; any resistance issue; cure rate; age difference)
  5. PREVENTION: (include of vaccine or not & who to be vaccinated; specific precautions to prevent contracting/spreading)

Category: (i.e. bacteria, fungi, protozoa, Virus)

Gram RXS if bacteria: (if not bacteria indicate not applicable)

Unique/key characteristics: (i.e. capsule, cysts, endospores, AND key morphological information)

Note. will be submitting the paper via turnit in

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