This is the assignment. 4 pages this question, 1) 1. You have been hired as an Asian Business…

This is the assignment. 4 pages this question,

 1) 1.     You have been hired as an Asian Business consultant by the firm of Worldwide Khan, LLC, a manufacturer of electronic assemblies.  The president of the firm, Mr. G. “Jerry” Khan, wants to expand his electronic manufacturing operations in Asia.  He already has a factory in Thailand.    Jerry has asked you to investigate the business environments in Indonesia and Vietnam.  Write a memo giving your recommendations, pro and con, for those countries.  What would be your conclusion about the best place for him to expand?  
(If you use the revised PEST Data Exercise sheet (on BB) to collect your data, include those sheets.)
and 4 pages for this question 2) 
2.     At the end of each chapter of 
One Billion Customers Jim McGregor offers some pointers about doing business in China in what he calls his “Little Red Book of Business”.  In your opinion, what are the five most important of those pointers for international business people to understand for business in China? Why? Which pointers of the five you’ve chosen might also apply to business in Japan and Korea?  Why? 
12 point font, Times New Roman, Double spaced, 1-inch margins

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