University of California Los Angeles The Disaster Artist Reactions Paper




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After you’ve read the first section of “The Disaster Artist,” as assigned, please complete the following:

1. Visit (Links to an external site.) and make two different “image macro” memes that describe your reaction to (or opinions about) “The Disaster Artist” so far. If you’re playing on an existing meme, MAKE SURE you understand the conventions of the meme you’ve chosen (you can visit knowyourmeme for this, of course!). Once your memes are completed, copy and paste them into the text box of your response!

2. Write ~150 words for EACH of the memes you’ve created, explaining why you chose that meme, what you want it to communicate, and how you think that meme communicates that message effectively.

3. Post both images (and both explanations!) as a response to this Discussion assignment.

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