University of Michigan Environmental Justice & State Policy Reading Reflection




Environmental Justice and the State

Students need to complete the readings and take time to think thoughtfully about them in order to participate in classroom activities. Therefore,I ask student to complete seven reading memos over the duration of the course. Reading reflection need to be formatted as at least one page, single-spaced, 12pt. font, with one-inch margins, and no header, word count at least 700. Need to provide a brief synopsis of what the reading was about, define and provide examples of the main concepts, and propose questions for the class. Feel free to draw connections between prior class readings, discussions, or lived experiences.

Reading list:

1. Pellow, David Naguib. 2008.”The State and Policy: Imperialism, exclusion, and ecological violence as state policy.” in Twenty Lessons in Environmental Sociologyedited by K. A. Gould and T. L. Lewis. New York: Oxford University Press.10/31:

2. Pellow, David Naguib. 2018. Ch. 3 “Prisons and the Fight for Environmental Justice.” In What is Critical Environmental Justice?Polity Press, Medford, MA

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