Problem 8.4 – ( Pages 263- 264) Which preventive, detective, and/or corrective controls would best mitigate the following threats?  (See attached document and image)


8.4 Which preventive, detective, and/or corrective controls would best mitigate the following threats?

a) An employee’s laptop was stolen at the airport. The laptop contained personal information about the company’s customers that could potentially be used to commit identity theft.

b) A salesperson successfully logged into the payroll system by guessing the payroll supervisor’s password.

c) A criminal remotely accessed a sensitive database using the authentication credentials (user ID and strong password) of an IT manager. At the time the attack occurred, the IT manager was logged into the system at his workstation at company headquarters.

d) An employee received an e-mail purporting to be from her boss informing her of an important new attendance policy. When she clicked on a link embedded in the e-mail to view the new policy, she infected her laptop with a keystroke logger.

e) A company’s programming staff wrote custom code for the shopping cart feature on its website. The code contained a buffer overflow vulnerability that could be exploited when the customer typed in the ship-to address.

f) A company purchased the leading “off-the-shelf” e-commerce software for linking its electronic storefront to its inventory database. A customer discovered a way to directly access the back-end database by entering appropriate SQL code.

g) Attackers broke into the company’s information system through a wireless access point located in one of its retail stores. The wireless access point had been purchased and installed by the store manager without informing central IT or security.

h) An employee picked up a USB drive in the parking lot and plugged it into his laptop to “see what was on it.” As a result, a keystroke logger was installed on that laptop.

i) Once an attack on the company’s website was discovered, it took more than 30 minutes to determine who to contact to initiate response actions.

j) To facilitate working from home, an employee installed a modem on his office workstation. An attacker successfully penetrated the company’s system by dialing into that modem.

k) An attacker gained access to the company’s internal network by installing a wireless access point in a wiring closet located next to the elevators on the fourth floor of a high-rise office building that the company shared with seven other companies

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