Write A One Page (Double Spaced) Paper Describing And Discussing The Following The Human Condition And The Basic Imperatives (Philosophy ).

Write a one page (double spaced) paper describing and discussing the following The Human Condition and The Basic Imperatives found in Chapter 2. *** NOTE See ch 2 pages attached. It’s discuss Morals, Ethics, human nature, pain and happines.

➡️*****The Human Condition and The Basic Imperatives in “PHILOSOPHY” my classes is phi202.

➡️Read***NOT “The human condition and the basic imperatives of literature. It needs to be based on Philosophy.

➡️Use scenarios in your writing. The goal of this paper is to gain a level of understanding of both of the concepts (The Human Condition and The Basic Imperatives) that can then be put to use in the classes final project.

➡️Note*****please give scenarios that you come up with  do NOT  only provide scenarios that was found the internet.

➡️Please read****see attachment information about The Human Condition and The Basic Imperatives .

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