You are the new HR manager for your company, which has been doing ok over the past 3 years but… 1 answer below »

You are the new HR manager for your company, which has been doing ok over the past 3 years but has underperformed vs. potential. The CEO feels it is partially the fault of HOW they measure performance:

  • Every year he sets a 25% revenue growth goal, which no on in their industry is hiting
  • there are no employee reviews
  • everyone gets the same 3% raise every year.

You do a lot of research, and determine that:

    1. Having a high performance team means getting involvement from everyone on goals and accountability:
    1. Good goals are SMART:
    1. There are some good basic commonalities of good performance appraisals:
    1. Concepts like Mgt By Objectives have strengths – and weaknesses
    1. Using objective measures is the same – great idea but practically not always doable and issues exist here as well

You’ve been asked by the CEO to present a 5-6 page powerpoint presentation to him about what you recommend the company should do regarding the principles they should adopt regarding performance appraisals. You should include a page on:

  • What mistakes are being made currently
  • How should they set goals?
  • How should each employee share in those goals?
  • Breaking performance appraisals into 2 parts – attributes and goals – what attributes should most/all employees demonstrate?
  • What’s the best way to give feedback?

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