Your task is to develop a simple interactive graphical user interface using the Processing… 1 answer below »

Your task is to develop a simple interactive graphical user interface using the Processing environment. The specific implementation details and images, as well as skeleton code are provided, but if you wish to add any further details or use additional/alternative images, you are free to do so.

  • The first task will be to get the images to appear on the screen and to set the interface size.
  • Once this is complete, try to get the fly swatter object to follow the mouse around the screen.
  • As this is a fictional exercise, the starting position of the flies can be randomly generate. With a new fly appended to memory each time one is swatted.
  • The flies do not need to move around the screen and can stay in one position with the swatted version of the fly replacing the fly image.
  • The swatter image should swap to the swatting image provided when the mouse button is clicked.
  • A simple collision detection algorithm (bounding box), should be implemented to detect swats.
  • A text object should be used to keep score of the amount of flies swatted.
  • Five marks have been allocated to any further effects you might want to add, this part is entirely up to you.
  • Lecture examples and tutorials for weeks 1 to 4 should assist you.


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